Nuku Aggor / Director of Professional Services

Nuku is known for his creative approach to solving challenging problems. He has a traditional Big 4 accounting and corporate accounting background and has also been a part of several startups and other entrepreneurial ventures over two decades. He is passionate about learning new technologies that can be leveraged to make clients work more efficiently and enhance business decision-making.

Outside of the office, Nuku enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and going on picturesque road trips.


Brandi Bonds / Managing Partner

Brandi believes meeting the needs of clients starts with truly understanding the challenges they face. She knows how to ask the tough questions and digs deep to discover the best solutions. Brandi is a passionate CFO who helps teams reach their strategic goals and initiatives. She is also and IMA board member.

Outside of the office, Brandi is a rock star Professor at Endicott College teaching Finance courses. She volunteers for multiple non-profit organizations and also loves spending time with her family, traveling the world, camping and having serious fun!


Kenneth Peterson / President & Founder

Ken is known for his bold yet practical approach to business finance, challenging clients to make tough decisions for the good of their organizations for over two decades. Ken has seen firsthand, the good, the bad and the ugly. Ken, a natural leader, has brought together a solid team of Chief Financial Officers who are passionate about what they do and have the knowledge to be very effective.

Outside the office you may find Ken at home on his farm, competing with his horse, Carson, throughout New England, or taking a walk with Porter, his loyal black lab.

Outsourced CFOs


Brian McGettrick / CFO

Brian is a dedicated financial executive providing accounting, management, operations, human resources, and strategic planning services for a variety of industries. He knows what it takes to plan and execute the successful transition and sale of a company. With over 20 years of financial experience, Brian prepares organizations to think strategically, drive transformation, and stay focused on the big picture.

Outside of the office Brian loves playing tennis, spending time with friends and enjoying life!

What Does an Accounting Firm Do - Dan Plowden Outsourced CFO at Next Level Now

Dan Plowden / CFO

Dan enjoys working with owners and executive teams aligning infrastructure to enable scale, increase productivity, and enhance resilience and effectiveness. He has led change initiatives in for-profit and nonprofit organizations including information systems implementations and succession planning projects including both internal transition and preparation for sale. Dan has held positions including CFO at a national life sciences nonprofit, Interim CFO and HIPAA Privacy & Security officer for a national health equity nonprofit, VP Finance and CFO for a privately held Contract Research Organization, and CFO and Treasurer for a multi-national boutique consulting firm.

Outside of the office Dan enjoys spending time with family, and with his wife fishing and paddling on the quiet waters of Coastal Maine.


John Parins / CFO

John is a customer-focused technical accountant that assists others in understanding accounting systems. He concentrates on matching the most recent technological advances with current systems, allowing companies to leverage their human capital and get more out of their financial resources. John is a firm believer that “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” and is often motivated by his clients who also shoot for the stars.

Outside of the office, John is a husband and father. He enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and participating in activities such as hiking, water sports, fishing, and winter sports. He can often be found in the kitchen when at home.


Steve Payne / CFO

Steve is an experienced financial executive and entrepreneur who provides steady strategic and tactical leadership, both in periods of growth and in periods of restructuring. He has extensive experience driving operational efficiency and profitability improvement for a wide range of companies in their international and domestic operations. Steve is a firm believer in the statement “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Outside of the office Steve enjoys traveling to visit family and friends, as well as planning and completing home improvement projects.

What Does an Accounting Firm Do - Joe Simmons Outsourced CFO at Next Level Now

Joe Simmons, Jr. / CFO

Joe is an accomplished CFO with extensive experience in optimizing organizations. Joe has more than 35 years of high-level financial knowledge and can quickly analyze, synthesize and create optimal solutions for diverse business challenges. He is detail-oriented and has worked with turnarounds, manufacturing, IPOs and non-profits. Joe is a trusted advisor and was named NH CFO of the Year in 2013!

Outside the office Joe enjoys playing piano and writing. He is also a Marine Corp Veteran.

What Does an Accounting Firm Do - Kevin Siladi Outsourced CFO at Next Level Now

Kevin Siladi / CFO

Kevin is a highly versatile, seasoned financial executive with broad-based experience in high-tech middle market manufacturing and distribution companies, and a career foundation in public accounting.  He has been a principal contributor in determining company objectives and strategic direction for both domestic and international companies for over 35 years. An experienced organizer and manager, Kevin has overseen efficient company transitions and re-locations.  He has also contributed to successful Initial Public Offering and Private Placements and has a proven ability to capture cost reductions both through tax law knowledge and performance management.

Outside of the office, Kevin enjoys working outside on his property, swimming, and traveling internationally with his wife and daughter.

Outsourced Accounting


Aaron Barrett / Transactional Accounting Supervisor

Aaron is a motivated and enthusiastic accountant with proven experience in learning software, payroll and transactional accounting. He has a strong attention to detail and is always ready to try new and creative approaches to exceed client expectations. Aaron is a true team player who has a passion for seeing others happy.

When not at the office, Aaron enjoys basketball and hiking the beautiful Colorado mountains around his home.


Brittney Cirinna / Accountant

Brittney is a very conscientious and detail-oriented accountant. She has real attention to detail and brings great enthusiasm for learning, whether it is new accounting systems, business management or staying on top of technology in the area of finance. We are glad she is part of our team!

Outside of the office, Brittney likes to spend time with friends at the beach, reading and working out at the gym.


Catherine Donovan / Controller

Catherine is a focused, analytical accountant with over 25 years of accounting management experience in the SAAS, health care, energy, and tour and travel industries. She is an accomplished, detail-oriented, turnaround-specialist and can maintain high-level financial statements.

Catherine has an uncommon instinct for managing people and a natural inclination to view all things strategically, with one eye in the Accounting Department and one eye on the corporate mission. She is always looking for opportunities to recommend changes that drive growth.

She is an avid reader and also enjoys skiing, swimming, and spending time with family and friends.

What Does an Accounting Firm Do - Eve Fontanella Accountant at Next Level Now

Eve Fontanella / Accountant

Eve has valuable expertise across many different companies and industries, having been in business management and finance for over 20 years. She is a seeker of knowledge with an altruistic approach to life, both professionally and personally. A true problem solver, she considers accounting like detective work, priding herself on getting to the answers to perplexing questions.

When she is not solving mysteries, she enjoys the outdoors, including gardening, hiking, boating, and fishing. She especially loves reading, meditation, and spending quality time with her dog, Ebby.


John-Michael Luskevich / Accountant

John-Michael is an analytical and accomplished accountant with more than 10 years of experience in managing all aspects of accounting operations, maintaining high-level accuracy of financial statements, and controlling business costs. He possesses a comprehensive background in utilizing effective technologies to transform accounting procedures into automated and more efficient systems to facilitate seamless outcomes and drive departmental success.

In his free time, he enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time outdoors.

What Does an Accounting Firm Do - Ana Nolet Controller at Next Level Now

Ana Nolet / Controller

Ana’s background includes 20 years of experience in finance/accounting and operations management with several different industries. With exceptional attention to detail, successful accountability at all levels and unparalleled work ethic, as well as great analytical skills. She is self-driven individual with do-whatever it takes attitude, and her strongest skills are multi-tasking and working in fast paced environment.

Outside the office, Ana loves traveling, camping, and enjoying the beach. She is also member of women’s softball league and women’s bowling league. Ana loves life and enjoys each day to the fullest.


Melissa Roberts / Accountant

Melissa has a passion for accounting and enjoys the challenges that come with problem-solving. She is detailed-orientated and actively pursues learning opportunities to sharpen her skills. She is committed to providing excellent service to meet and exceed client expectations. Melissa is a high-energy team player who strives to make a difference.

Outside of the office, Melissa enjoys spending quality time with her family. She is passionate about pet adoption and you can always find her two rescue dogs by her side.

What Does an Accounting Firm Do - Kynda Rogers Controller at Next Level Now

Kynda Rogers / Controller

Kynda is an honest and attentive technical accountant whose attention to detail and organizational skills are something she’s known for. She works hard to adapt to new software’s and industries to be able to lead with as much knowledge as possible. Kynda focuses on the needs of the business as well as a company’s goals for the future to create first-class solutions to company difficulties.

Outside working hours, you can find her toting her four children to different extracurricular activities. She also enjoys playing her guitar and learning to cook.


Jim Ryan / Accountant

At Next Level Now, Jim works hard helping his clients think strategically about their company and finances. Jim has been through the entrepreneurial trenches—having co-founded and grown a 401k recordkeeping firm over the course of 26 years from just an idea between two friends.  He’s worn all the hats, and enjoys meeting new people, understanding their business, and providing actionable solutions.

Outside of the office, Jim can be found spending time with his wife on their boat. He also enjoys working on his cars and grandfather clocks or just kicking back with his dog, Copernicus.

What Does an Accounting Firm Do - Next Level Now Team Deanna Thompson

Deanna Thompson / Controller

Deanna has over 25 years of experience in software, manufacturing, insurance, and retail. She is passionate about making calculated management decisions based on providing concise financial information. With her vast experience in startups, implementation, and detailed financial analysis, she prides herself on accurate & timely reporting to meet and exceed the expectations of her clients. Deanna thrives in fast-paced, dynamic environments where she can provide solutions to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy. Outside of work you can find her catching some rays at the beach, traveling, going to concerts, taking long walks with her two dogs and spending quality time with family.

Marketing & Administration


Stephanie Peterson / Senior Marketing Specialist

Stephanie is an experienced Marketing Associate dedicated to showcasing the strengths and solutions that Next Level Now has to offer. She has a demonstrated history of working across the financial services, information technology, and fashion industries. She is also skilled in targeted email marketing, digital media, event planning, brand strategy, and project management. Stephanie truly delivers a global perspective to the marketing industry because she completed her university studies in Scotland and has worked for diverse companies in London, Melbourne, and New York City.

Outside of the office, Stephanie dedicates every spare moment to travel, enjoying the local craft beer scene and petting all dogs.

What Does an Accounting Firm Do - Next Level Now Team Bethany Ross

Bethany Ross / Office Administrator

Bethany has a diverse background working in accounting, human resources, and office management. She has a keen eye for detail and enjoys problem solving to make operations run more efficiently. She enjoys learning as well as teaching. She enjoys multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment while striving to build and maintain positive rapport with both colleagues and clients. Outside of work, Bethany enjoys spending time with family and going to the beach. She also enjoys sports, spending time outdoors, and listening to music.

What Does an Accounting Firm Do - Next Level Now Team Anthony Comito

Anthony Comito / Intern

Anthony is currently a student in the Isenberg program at the University of UMass Amherst studying finance. He is an extremely motivated person and considers himself a problem solver with a passion for business and stocks. He has a background in Marketing and has worked for Capital City Fruit on their marketing and e-ccommerce team. Anthony also has been trading and investing for over 3 years and is in a growth stage of his life. He is currently trying to learn and absorb as much as he can as a young professional so he can build his skills and become a successful businessman.

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Our Story

From start to finish

Next Level Now was founded in 2002 by Ken Peterson. Ken saw a need for financial guidance of small-to-mid size businesses. He has seen firsthand the value it can bring to have a CFO on your management team.


There was a Need

Ken started Next Level Now in 2002 out of  a need to provide small to mid-size companies the strategic, key financial information and CFO tools to make better informed and proactive decisions for an organization’s future growth.


A Team Approach

The team philosophy at Next Level Now gives us an upper hand in the ever changing businesses of our clients. We work as a team to solve issues on behalf of our clients and are not afraid of rolling up our sleeves and really diving in. The team aspect makes us a strong group of CFOs ready to work for your organization.


Making a Difference

Our track record speaks for itself. We have made positive contributions on our clients' behalf and are ready to bring your business to the next level. Read some of the accolades from current and past organizations we have worked with.