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Outsourced CFO Services: A Case Study

A client’s controller had resigned from their already understaffed accounting department. They were in urgent need of help and reached out to us for assistance. Learn how our outsourced CFO services helped them recover and thrive.

Key Points:

Problem: The client was in immediate need of finance and accounting services that could adapt to meet their growing and rigorous business demands.

Solution: We were able to provide them with a highly qualified CFO that was perfectly suited for their industry who offered a diverse range of skills and expertise that successfully:

  • Established strategic planning and enhanced scalability by building a reliable accounting team
  • Developed documentation and streamlined operations and procedures
  • Increased efficiency through meaningful KPIs
  • Empowered leaders with a wealth of resources and solutions

The company’s CEO found that: “Everything about the accounting department has been increasingly efficient since we started our partnership with Next Level Now. I attribute that to finally having a true leader in the department that was able to provide solutions and build an effective team.”

Outsourced CFO Services that Match Your Needs

Our client is in the Outdoor Sporting Goods industry and they design and manufacture products for camping, mountaineering, and campfire enjoyment. They needed an outsourced CFO that could immediately provide the necessary skill sets to streamline operations and develop their internal team. To accomplish this, we brought in our highly-skilled CFO with over 20 years of experience as a Finance and Operational Executive. To get a true sense of the business’ needs and procedures, he worked closely with them to develop applicable solutions

Through his proficiency in financial modeling and forecasting, he provided the client with accurate data so they could make informed decisions. He was also able to streamline accounts payable and receivable, payroll, budgeting, and more. The company’s CEO described our services as, “the perfect tool for transitioning, ramping up, and exploring what the true needs of the business are. And Next Level Now was able to do so with incredible speed, flexibility, and acumen.”

Building a Lasting Partnership

Most of our clients are looking for a long-term partnership, and this client was no exception. As a result, we continue to provide them with steady guidance and a wealth of resources to fuel their success. Their CEO stated, “Next Level Now is a perfect partner for us, and we have developed a trust with them to continue to utilize their services for years to come and refer them to others.” In fact, after the success they gained working with our CFO, we were also able to provide them with bookkeeping assistance. We strive to help our clients become self-sufficient while also supporting them when needed.

CFO Services to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Next Level Now provides outsourced finance, bookkeeping, and accounting services. Our services allow you to focus on the areas of your business that you are good at, while we handle the financials. Contact us to learn more about our outsourced CFOs and accountants so, we can help your business succeed today!

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