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Taking ABA Organizations to the Next Level: The CentralReach® and Next Level Now Partnership

Next Level Now has been working intimately with ABA providers using ABA data collection software for years, providing financial consulting and hands on work with their transactional accounting systems. CentralReach is the go-to system for ABA providers, and Next Level Now team members were thrilled to attend CentralReach’s annual conference in New Orleans last month. 

The conference was a perfect opportunity to meet with other experts in the space and lean about updates to the CentralReach (CR) platform. 

Next Level Now’s Managing Partner, Brandi Bonds attended the 5th annual CR Unite, Autism, and IDD Care Conference with Next Level CFO, Angela Tummons. The event was a hub of insightful discussions and shared knowledge, covering a wide array of topics, from the intricacies of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to the evolving landscape of the CentralReach ABA platform. The conference was particularly noteworthy for its focus on children and adults with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). 

Next Level Now clients who use the CentralReach platform also attended the conference. “The best thing about these conferences is being able to meet face to face with clients who we work with on a daily basis,” said Bonds. “Going to dinner and catching up is wonderful. We also understand that not everyone has time to get on a plane and attend these events. Our team attends so we can take back the learnings to our ABA clients and stay ahead of the curve on what features are being released in the CentralReach platform.” 

One of the key highlights of the conference was the growing recognition of the effectiveness of ABA therapy for adults with mental disabilities. Insurance companies were increasingly embracing the concept that teaching proper behavior to this demographic was not only beneficial but cost-effective. This shift in perspective marked a significant step forward for the industry, creating exciting opportunities for improvement and expansion.

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Next Level Now – Elevating Financial Management

Next Level Now’s expertise extends beyond just financial management in the ABA industry; they possess a deep knowledge of the CentralReach platform. Their team has extensive experience working with CentralReach’s electronic medical records (EMR) system, which is specifically designed for ABA organizations. This profound understanding of CentralReach allows Next Level Now to seamlessly integrate their financial services with the platform, ensuring that ABA organizations can optimize their billing, revenue cycle management, and financial strategies while fully leveraging the capabilities of CentralReach. This synergy between Next Level Now and CentralReach creates a powerful partnership that enhances the operational efficiency and financial health of ABA organizations.

Cost Efficiency

Employing a full-time CFO can be expensive, especially for smaller ABA organizations. Next Level Now provides the benefits of a CFO without the high salary costs, making it a cost-effective solution.

Expertise and Experience

Next Level Now’s team of financial experts specializes in the ABA industry. They have in-depth knowledge of the unique financial challenges and opportunities in this field. By working with them, organizations can benefit from their experience and industry-specific insights. In fact, Next Level Now has proven experience in assisting ABA organizations.

Billing and Revenue Optimization

Next Level Now helps ABA organizations maximize their revenue by identifying opportunities for billing optimization, reducing denials, and improving cash flow. They can streamline the entire billing process, from claims submission to collections, leading to increased profitability.

Strategic Financial Planning

Next Level Now assists ABA organizations in creating financial strategies that align with their goals. They can provide valuable insights, financial forecasting, and budgeting support, enabling organizations to make informed decisions for growth and sustainability.

Risk Mitigation

ABA organizations often face financial and regulatory risks. Next Level Now’s expertise helps organizations identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring they remain in compliance and avoid costly financial setbacks.

CentralReach®  – ABA Data Collection Software

CentralReach is a comprehensive Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution tailored specifically for ABA organizations. Here are the key benefits of using CentralReach:

Streamlined Clinical Data Management

CentralReach offers a user-friendly platform for therapists and clinical staff to document and manage client data. It enables practitioners to create, customize, and access client treatment plans, progress notes, and behavior intervention plans efficiently. This streamlined data management ensures that the focus remains on the individuals being served.

Scheduling and Appointment Management

With CentralReach ABA data collection software, organizations can efficiently schedule appointments, track attendance, and manage staff availability. The system allows for automated reminders and notifications, reducing missed appointments and improving client engagement.

Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

CentralReach simplifies the billing process by integrating with various payers and generating clean, accurate claims. It also provides detailed reporting and analytics to help organizations track their revenue cycle and improve cash flow.

Regulatory Compliance

ABA organizations need to adhere to complex regulatory requirements. CentralReach ABA data collection software helps organizations stay compliant with state and federal regulations, including HIPAA, Medicaid, and insurance company guidelines, minimizing the risk of audit and non-compliance issues.

Staff Training and Development

CentralReach offers comprehensive training resources and support to help staff become proficient in using the platform. This ensures that the ABA team can fully leverage the system’s capabilities.

Next Level Now and CentralReach® ABA Data Collection Software  – Total Financial and Data Security

In the highly specialized field of Applied Behavior Analysis, the right technology and financial management support can make a significant difference. CentralReach ABA data collection software offers a comprehensive EMR solution that streamlines clinical data management, scheduling, billing, and compliance. Meanwhile, partnering with Next Level Now, a financial consulting organization specializing in ABA, can elevate financial management, reduce costs, and improve billing processes. By combining the strengths of CentralReach and Next Level Now, ABA organizations can focus on what they do best – providing high-quality care and support for individuals with developmental disorders such as autism – while ensuring their operational and financial aspects are in capable hands.

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