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Past and Current Clients Love Us

Client Kevin Tacy of Foster’s Clambake and Catering Company of York, Maine explains the value he has received from our strategic CFOs.

"I have engaged Next Level Now three times over the span of my career for assistance with acquisitions and mergers for my business. Ken Peterson and his team have proven to be valuable each time by bringing their combined knowledge and expertise to direct me appropriately and cautiously. Their approach is holistic with an eye toward the overall nature of the business, the human resource components and the financial wellness. Thank you Next Level Now for keeping me on track with a healthy bottom line with well directed goals!"

- MS | Principal/Owner / Title & Real Estate Service

"I have had the pleasure of working with Brandi from Next Level for a year.  Brandi’s financial expertise, dedication and leadership skills have made a remarkable impact on our business.  She has helped to take us to the next steps in our growth process.  I’m fortunate to have Brandi as a mentor.  I would recommend Brandi and Next Level for their wealth of financial knowledge and resources."

- MW | Senior Manager / Technology Company

"I have been working with Next Level Now for years. I started working with them after making a poor personnel decision based on my lack of understanding of my seasonal cash flow. Having worked with them for four years, I have experienced 20% top-line growth. The biggest benefit for me has not been growth though. The biggest benefit has been my overall lack of stress when it comes to managing my company. I can anticipate cash flow changes months before they happen and plan accordingly. Working with NLN has taken almost all the financial uncertainty out of my decisions. I literally have a road map for my year before it starts. I just have to hit my targeted goals. The other value NLN brings to the table is that they are part of my management team. I often go to them for questions related to financial and business management or when cash flow is tight or projections change.  I would not be where I am today without Next Level Now and can’t imagine being in business without them."

- DM | President / Service Business

"I worked with Ken Peterson at two organizations, and I’ve known him for ten years. He’s not “just” a former colleague, he also taught me a lot about finance, operations, and business in general. I’m fortunate to consider him not just a mentor, but also a friend."

- PE | Managing Director / Technology Company

"I have had the pleasure of working with Next Level for several years now as my business has grown. Next Level has provided us with a high level of expertise during that period with a variety of services that have ranged from business structure support to financial planning. Next Level’s expertise during this time was critical to our growth and continued success and I am thrilled that we were able to have them guide us through several challenges young companies tend to experience."

- MB | Principal / Energy Company

"We’ve hired Next Level to help us get our monthly financials in order, to help me (as CEO of the company) to better understand the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow. I know far more now that I ever did when I was doing it all by myself and just turning my books over to the accountant at the end of the year. Next Level really helped me to understand the importance of running a business using your financials and always reminded me that cash is king. Great work!"

- KW | CEO / Technology Company

"Our Cash Flow forecast is in excellent shape – and it’s all thanks to Next Level Now. With that said, I have referred NLN many times and look forward to recommending Next Level in the future. Thank you again for all of your help; our Finance Committee continues to shake their heads at the end of our meetings saying – why was it ever so hard when it’s now so easy?"

- DW | Business Manager / Non-Profit Organization

"Next Level Now has provided outstanding help and support to founders and small company CEOs I’ve worked with. From financial modeling and business planning to contributing a trusted, experienced financial perspective, Ken Peterson and his team at Next Level Now provide the services of a top-flight CFO and financial team without the cost burden of full-time employees. I’d recommend Next Level Now to any early-stage CEO in fundraising or business building mode."

- DR | Managing Director / Service Company

"Next Level Now’s team of CFOs are seasoned professionals with a wide range of experience. Their can-do attitude, combined with a very high level of expertise, has made a tremendous difference to my business. I recommend them without reservation."

- JW | CEO / Creative Company

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